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Welcome to the 2017 Presents of Mind Netrunner League!

The Netrunner League is officially starting 22nd April 2017!

Come and join us on Easter Saturday April 15th from 11:30am at Mucho Mexicano Milton for with any questions and our first warm up practice day.

Do you enjoy Android: Netrunner?  Does your schedule make it hard to regularly play a large group of players?  Maybe just learn about this Netrunner thing everyone keeps talking about?

Well have you found the right place 😀


Week one will go from the 22nd of April to the 5th of May (2 actual weeks).  This is to cover the release of Terminal Directive near the end of April.

The rest of the league will play with weeks beginning Saturday and ending Friday as normal.

How to Join

Simply drop in to your local Presents of Mind Store and register your name, phone number and email address and the League organisers we will get in touch with you!

It’s free if you wish to come along and learn about the game and see what it’s all about.  Late starters will be welcome!

League play has a $10 entry fee.

Where to Play

The Netrunner League will be meeting every Saturday from 11:30 to 3:30ish at Mucho Mexicana Milton (Shop 4, 55 Railway Terrace, Milton)

Once registered, you can play any other league player at your convenience any day during the week, the meetup just makes it a little easier 🙂


Netrunner League Prize Kit

You can’t possibly have a Netrunner League without Netrunner Prizes!

First Prize for each ladder receives an alternative art Sunny and a NBN Click Tracker.

All players will receive an alternative art Mushin No Shin.

Mystery Prizes are also up for grabs!

League Rules

League play will be using the latest Tournament Rules and Most Wanted List variations and Errata.  Don’t forget the Most Wanted List just got updated 13/04/2017 Australian time, and the changes are pretty huge!  You can see version 1.2 of the Most Wanted List here.

Terminal Directive (when released) campaign games is the only exception.  Using the cards is fine as per Tournament Rules, but actual individual games played won’t be counted.

While there are ‘League days’, games can be played anytime during the week and submitted via this form.

There will be 2 ladders for this league:

  1. The League Ladder – whoever wins the most games wins!
    For League Play, when you play at least 2 games in a week, you will be eligible for ‘bye’ points. These points are decided from the number of games that the player with the most games played.  In a game, you are still able to win a maximum of 4 points (win as Corp and Runner), but bye games will be awarded 1 point.This will allow players that can’t meet as many players or as often a chance to be in the running, without affecting overall win ratios.
  2. The Achievement Ladder – your creativity and adaptability will serve you here.
    The Achievements are weighted meaning some are worth more than others.  Don’t think it’s just a case of the most achievements attained wins!While the weights are kept secret, the ‘Entire League’ achievements are worth almost a third of the overall points each.  This should give you an idea of balance and what to try and build for 🙂