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Shop Now & Pay Later, with After Pay & Presents of Mind

Is it just me, or does everyone have times when friends and relative’s birthdays are all bunched up?

For me it’s September…. There’s my father-in-law’s birthday, my nephew’s, my sister-in-law’s, and my good friends Kim, Phil, Debra, Rachel & Jason all have their birthdays…, and then there’s Father’s day! Oh, and my birthday too…. Seriously: it’s all too much – my little budget only stretches so far!

Now there’s a solution! Shop online with Presents of Mind and pay with After Pay.

After Pay is a great, new service that lets you break your purchase down into easy, manageable interest-free payments. There’s no cost, and it’s super easy to use, so why not join the payment revolution today.*

As usual, the shipping is free* and by taking advantage of our free gift wrapping service (also available for online purchases). With so much variety to choose from, easy payments, free shipping and free wrapping, my crazy September is all taken care of I might even grab a little something for myself…. that Game of Thrones board game looks pretty cool 😉

You can learn more about AfterPay here.



*Conditions apply – Free shipping on orders over $75 and to the Greater Brisbane area only. See website for details. See AfterPay’s website for full terms and conditions for the AfterPay service


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A constant state of Fluxx!

When I first heard about this game I was told that it was designed by a pair of NASA scientists, a husband and wife, who grew sick of finding loopholes, play-styles, and strategies which could be applied to even the most asymmetrical of games, resulting in a similar gameplay experience each time. I am unsure as to whether this is historically accurate, or whether the origin story has been warped and changed over time, but therein lies the essence of FLUXX: the card game with constantly changing rules. 


Developed in 1996 to combat replay-ability issues, Looney Laboratories created a game where rules can change with every card that is played. With that, the potential for victory, or defeat, can be claimed in a matter of a single round.


In Fluxx, players must satisfy the goal, which could be anything from possessing particular ‘keeper’ cards to having any 15 cards in your hand at one time, all the while changing rules such as the draw limit, hand limit, keeper limit, and bonuses, and using action cards to reshuffle and realign the current rules in your favour.

Because of this, you will never play the game the same way twice; however, just in case you want MORE replay-ability, there are over 20 different flavours to choose from, including Zombie Fluxx, Monty Python Fluxx, and Adventure Time Fluxx.



Think you can keep up with rule changes, goal changes, and constant uncertainty?  Then find your favourite version and get into Fluxx!

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What on Earth are Magformers? by Jared C

Magformers are magnetic geometric shapes that are incredibly versatile and a ton of fun!
Create amazing 3D shapes from 2D magnets, construct houses, animals and other towering structures.
Durable and are extremely well made, with all magnets safely embedded into the geometric shapes. Generally for ages 3 and up, though kits for kids as young as 18months are available.


And when we say 3 & up, we really mean the ‘UP’ part. Whenever we have Magformers displayed in the shop, it’s obvious that they are just as enjoyable for the big kids amongst us. (check out the fish I made! ?)


The base set starts from $35.95 and comes with a booklet full of ideas to get those creative juices flowing!

Check out our range of Magformers here:

Also, check out this video to discover the true potential of Magformers Australia!



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60 second review: Pentago Two Player and Pentago Multiplayer

Pentago couldn’t be simpler; it’s Connect 4 with a twist, literally.

Similar to regular Connect 4, players place marbles on the board attempting to get theirs in a row. With Pentago you’re aiming for 5 in a row.

The twist is, after placing a marble on the board, the player then also twists one of the 4 quarters through 90°. This simple mechanic turns Pentago into a mind-bending strategy game.

Pentago is for 2 players aged 7+, and plays out in approximately 5 minutes.



Pentago is also available in a multiplayer version. Accommodating 2 to 4 players, Multiplayer Pentago expands on the base concept of Pentago.

Pentago’s original 6×6 grid is replaced by a 9 x 9 one, made up of 9 individually rotating 3 x 3 grids. The marbles are replaced by two-sided tokens, though the challenge is the same; be the first player to get 5 in a row, by placing your tokens and moving one of the 9 sections through 90 degrees, on each turn.

From 2 – 4 players, aged 7+. Multiplayer Pentago plays out in approximately 5 minutes.

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60 Second Review: Difference

Difference‘ puts your observational abilities to the test in this incredibly beautiful spot-the-difference game by Gigamic!

With both Original and Junior versions available, all ages can get involved. Come try out our demo in-store and see for yourself how addictive this game is.


Designed by famous game designer Christope Boelinger and featuring vibrant illustrations by Carime Hinder & Line Paquet, ‘Difference’ is a perfect for a quick game break, parties, and for taking with you when you’re out and about.

Difference is for 2 – 6 players, aged 6+

Difference Junior is also available in, for players aged 5+

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60 Second Review: Sherlock, the Game Where Memory and Deduction are “Elementary”!

Simple to learn and play, Sherlock is a memory game where correctly remembering a clue will lead you to the next clue, and then the next, and so on.

So long as your memory holds you can keep following the clues to win cards.

Learn about the rules here.

For 2 to 5 Consulting Detectives, aged 5 and up. playtime is approximately 15 minutes.

Purchase your own copy of Sherlock here.

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Exciting New Games In Store Now – By Tim O

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to post a quick update here about some of our exciting new game arrivals! We’re always trying to grab an awesome selection of the newest titles to stock our shelves, and here are some from the last week:

1) Vast the Crystal Caverns – a dungeon crawling game, but with some
VERY interesting twists. First up it’s asymmetrical, and your options are hilariously awesome. Yo
u can play as an adventurer. Or the goblins. Or even the dragon. OR EVEN the cave itself (which sounds like my favourite. Trying to lure people further in before squishing them). I’ve had my eye on this ever since it was debuted at some trade shows near the end of last year. It is apparently super clever and super fun.


2) Herbaceous – a super cute set-collection game. I’d never thought I’d find myself saying the following but it’s got the best hand-drawn herb-art I’ve ever done seen. #boardgamelyfe


3) Watson & Holmes – have you ever watched a detective show  and thought “wow, this is easy, I’m SUPER good at this”? And then, have you turned to look at your friends and thought “I especially know I am WAY better at this than these losers. Just look at them”. Well I’m here to tell you that a) you’re kind of a cocky jerk and b) I have the perfect new game for you. Watson & Holmes comes from the same publisher doing those delicious new Consulting Detective reprints and frames its series of mysteries as a race to collect clues, outbid opponents for first dibs at a scene, and to call the police to block off entire avenues of investigation. Time to put your character-standee where your mouth is, punk.


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Kubb! Viking Chess Reviewed by Jared C

If there’s one thing the Scandinavians got right, it’s games for the outdoors. Kubb is no exception.

Kubb (Pronounced KOOb),  is an ancient strategy game often referred to as ‘Viking Chess’. It’s a team game, for 2-12 players, with the aim to knock over all the opponents Kubbs (small wooden blocks) and finish by knocking over the King in the centre of the playing field.

All you require to play is a steady hand, a strategic mind and bit of luck (unless you have the amazing skill of the Vikings of old!). Definitely an outdoor game, you’ll also need a pitch, aproximately 5m x 8m, to go along with your Kubb set from Presents of Mind. It’s perfect for the backyard, the local park or the beach.

Kubb can simply be played for some good old family fun or can be highly competitive, being played in organised tournaments all around the globe!

It’s my favourite outdoors game and one of the best team-based strategy games on the market!


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High Bounce Ball Making Kit Reviewed by Tim O

Over the Christmas break, I had family up in Brisbane visiting. It was Christmas Eve when my Mum came home with the High Bounce Ball Kit that she’d bought for herself.

“Right”, she exclaimed, “you’re all helping me make some of these! No exceptions!”

After the initial bemusement, we cracked the packaging and dug in. But what began as an exercise in humouring Mum ended up in about three hours of non-stop designing and playing (with a group made up entirely of grown adults, I might add).

What you get with this package include a bunch of unique moulds, lots of bags full of differently coloured crystals, and the (very simple) instructions. What impressed me the most, was how incredibly quick and easy the whole process is. After choosing your mould, and meticulously designing and colour-coordinating your ball (or just throwing together your favourite colours and claiming it’s post-modern) it only takes 5 minutes for it to be hardened and finished!

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The Amazing Flying Aerobie. Reviewed by Scotty G

I loved my Frisbee when I was a kid.

My friends and I would spend ages up at the local park, throwing it about. I seemed to spend most of my time chasing my mate’s dodgy throws. In hindsight, I wonder if I was me with the better throw, or maybe they were pranksters, sending me all over the park, just for fun?

Aerobie is Frisbee come full circle. Its hard plastic core with rubberised edges makes it easy and safe to throw and catch. You can muck about with it all day, without getting sore hands. It’s unique, aerodynamic ring design has it flying, like some fluorescent micro-UFO, silently gliding through the air.

And fly it does. On July 14, 2003, a 13inch Aerobie set the Guinness World Record for the furthest flight by a hand-held object, when Erin Hemmings threw a distance of 406 meters, at the appropriately named Fort Funston (I swear, I’m not making any of this up) in the US. This record broke the previous one of 383 meters, also held by an Aerobie. 406 metres: that’s almost half a kilometre.

The unique aerodynamics of the Aerobie’s broad, flat (just 3mm), ring design reduces drag and gives lift, allowing for the remarkable distance. Thrown flat, the Aerobie will travel in a straight line. Any errant curvature in a flat throw can be easily tuned with a corrective bend, as illustrated on the disc itself. Thrown on an angle out of the hand, the Aerobie will curve, more like a traditional Frisbee.

Available in 13inch and 10inch versions. Both are ideal for the local park or footy field, capable of great distances if thrown hard, and are equally as good at close range if thrown more gently.

Aerobie’s range also extends to boomerang style designs, which will return to the thrower. These are more suitable for a 1 player scenario and are also available at Presents of Mind.
Whether you’re throwing long or short, straight or curved, you’ll love Aerobie. I sure wish they were around when I was a lad, though I am making up for that now with my own kids……

In fact, enough of this, grab the Aerobie kids, let’s get up to the park!